About Your Garment

Like you, your garment is unique.
Congratulations! You have just contributed to a closed loop circular Fashion economy. 
This is a new way of thinking about fashion, and something that our planet desperately needs for future generations. 
Here's what a Circular Fashion Economy looks like:
That is -- to invest in and reuse garments made from natural fibers (such as silk, linen, wool etc) so that we can lower our impact on the environment. 
In other words, we are cleaning up the mess of our FAST FASHION GIANTS.
You also have the option to COMPOST your garment after it is no longer wearable due to the natural protein or plant fibers it is made from, thus avoiding adding to our landfill (something that is unavoidable for synthetic fibers).
Here are a few fun facts about your garment:

Your garment was carefully selected from second hand stores including Salvation Army and Consignment from Salt Spring Island, Vancouver, and other local shops in British Columbia. 

Your garment has been handpicked and selected due to the nature of its materials. It may be 100% silk or a mixture of natural protein or plant based fibers. 

Your product has a minimal economic footprint. Reusing is the single BEST action you can take as a stand against Fast Fashion. 
Prints on your garment were created through a boiling submersion process called "eco-printing". Water from the pot is reused for each garment,  and the dye is from local vegetation, which has been extracted using a natural & safe mordant.
I hope you love your purchase.