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Dear wet-felting friends across North America,

Whether you're new to wet-felting, or looking to try out a new supplier, you're in the right spot! When I started out felting, I found it challenging knowing where to look, and who to buy from. I didn't know what key words to search in Google, and having very little experience, I wasn't sure what quality to look for or what price was reasonable. 

I wanted to save you the headache by creating and sharing my very own felting suppliers list -- reputable shops, high quality fibers, great customer service, and good prices. 

Please click the link below for your free PDF Download

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I do want to mention that this list is ever-evolving, and I would love to hear from you! I'm interested to hear about the suppliers you've purchased from, and the products you've enjoyed. Please email me at newdaybysophia@gmail.com or send me a note on Instagram (@newday.bysophia) to share so that I may include them in my 2nd Edition. 

I hope you find it helpful!

Happy felting,


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