Wet-felting Slippers Tutorial, and Lessons I learned

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Dear felting friends,

As the cooler months approach, and that festive feeling sinks in, I thought it would be a good project (and challenge) to make some wet-felted slippers as gifts for family and friends.

I spoke to many felters in my felting community and learned a few lessons along the way. Here are the questions I asked, and the answers I got:

What type of wool do you use to make your slippers?
Bergschaf batting (also known as carded wool and comes in large thick sheets). The short fibres go in different directions and the wool can be broken off in handfuls, thin sheets, or a long strip. 

What is the process you use? 
We start on a resist, and end on a last :) (phew! I did that too)

What do you use on the soles?
Latex or real shoe soles (@woolenclogs on Instagram supplies this from their shop, feel free to check them out!)

I asked this same question on my FB Felters Group, and certainly got some creative answers!

For economically priced leather or suede, head to your closest thrift store or Value Village - then purchase the biggest & ugliest best priced leather jacket. Cut this into a shoe sized sole Et Voila! You've got yourself a sole :).

I think they turned out quite nice, so I put together a free tutorial to share the supplies you may need and the steps to take if you'd like to make some for yourself too (or for a gift)!


 These navy blue wet felted slippers were made using a flat resist (a thin piece of cut-out foam sized an inch larger around your foot) and then shaped using a last (or shoe-like form). Learning to felt is also learning a new language! But don't worry, the steps are often simple and the process can be repeated from project to project. 

These are made from coarser wool on the inside and merino on the outside using the dryer technique. The fulling process shrunk and integrated the fibers well, which is why we see the fluffy white fibers having migrated to the outside. I absolutely love the look though! What do you think?

 I hope you enjoy!

<3 Sophia



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