Wet-felting a 3D vessel from wool

3d vessel felted vessel felting tutorial free tutorial Wet felting Wool

When I first started wet-felting, I became obsessed with a little knitted & felted plant pod on Etsy. I bought it -- and it came in shipped in a little brown box all the way from Italy. I knew I needed it to feel the texture, and to take a closer look at how it was made. 

I realized that I wanted to make one, but I really wasn't too fond of knitting. So, how was I going to go about making a perfectly round shape from a fiber that I only knew came in string form? 

And there began my exploration, my journey, and my obsession with wet-felting 3D shapes. 

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Along this journey, I decided to start filming, and teaching while I still had the lessens fresh in my mind. I consider myself a teacher and a full-time student. There are so many opportunities to learn new techniques, and improve on old ones. 

With this being said, below I've shared a free tutorial on wet-felting a vessel using a resist. It's the video I wish I had when I started, so I hope you enjoy! If you like it, or just enjoy watching -- please feel free to like and follow my Facebook Page. I post lots of helpful resources and inspiration there. 


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