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On Saturday February 13th, I hosted Our Felting Community's first ever virtual meet-up on Zoom. I was introduced to three lovely and incredibly talented women: Andrea, Pat, and Stephanie. So incase you missed it, here's what was shared!

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The theme of the meet-up was "Show & Tell", and as such, each of us presented a wet-felted project that we were particularly proud of. 

I went first, sharing my three-pebble-necklace I created with sea glass from an outstanding workshop held by Aniko & Team from Baribon.Hu

Andrea went second. Andrea is from Australia, is  President of The Victorian Feltmakers Inc. and at the time of our call it was 2:30AM her time! Now that is what I call commitment. And I must say that I couldn't have been happier to have met Andrea. Andrea shared that she loves stitching, she works with Alpaca and Merino and she showcased her prayer flags and bunting projects (intricate wall hangings). 

She also shared an interesting technique with the group. She uses soluble fabric, also known as 'wash-away', with a combination of felted scraps and Sashiko thread (a Japanese thread with no twist) to create an incredibly interesting and intricate flag. 

Pat, from Yellowknife (a fellow Canadian), shared that she has been wet-felting for over 15 years. She likes working with smaller pieces rather than larger pieces, and I couldn't agree with her more on that! She's taken workshops with artist and teachers such as Fiona Duthie and Pam de Groot and has created dream catchers using hoops, and she likes to work with fibres like silk hankies and ramie. 

Another amazing idea that Pat shared with the group was using her scraps to create cards. She showcased some beautiful cards she had made -- so unique and professional looking. And before I forget, she also showed off her felted fortune cookies. She writes a personalized note inside and then displays them for her friends on their plates when they come over for a meal -- this is such a lovely idea so I had to share. I hope you don't mind, Pat!

Last, but certainly not least, we heard from Stephanie who was currently in lockdown in the UK. Stephanie has over 20 years of felting experience and took a 2-year professional felting course. She's spent 8 years teaching children and adults the process of felting, and her enthusiasm and positivity shone right through the call. I would have loved to hear more from Stephanie, but we had been lost in conversation and ran out of time!

Thank you again Andrea, Pat and Stephanie (and everyone on Facebook live who joined in!). I'm looking forward to many more 'virtual' meet-ups in the future to get to know each one of you more. 

Please know that whether you are well versed in felting - or completely new, we welcome everyone with open arms!

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Until next time, happy felting!


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