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Hi, I’m Sophia.

Allow me to introduce myself — but before I do, I wanted to share what’s led me to this point. And I guess, it may be more accurate to say, what’s led me to you, and you to me.

I'm one of those types where my mind races if I'm not doing something. I feel guilty for relaxing, and can't relax because I feel guilty. 

I needed a hobby. Badly.

For years, I’ve been in search of a hobby. A hobby that would challenge and transfix me, and one that could finally bring me that ‘spark’ we read about in books and that the lucky ones in our lives enjoy daily. 

I’ve been looking for a creative outlet to dedicate my wasted time to.

I've tried many, but without success… Writing a novel? It didn’t come naturally. Organizing events? Satisfying but too much work. Dog walking & Pet lodging? Random (I know) but it just wasn’t my thing. Nothing seemed to peak my interest.

And then I was introduced to felting. A craft with endless possibility. Something to challenge me, help me grow, and incidentally introduce me to an incredible community of kind, supportive people I never knew had existed. And now, I see inspiration all around me that makes me continuously push myself.

However, it has come with its challenges. I’ve spent hours of my time (and money) trying to learn how to best dive into the world of felt. Money spent on supplies I never needed, time spent searching for things in the wrong places. And thus, back to the beginning and why this has led me to you.

This resource is the one I wish I had when I started.

Please click the link below for your free PDF Download:

My intention is to save you the time and money that I had spent, so you can waste none of yours.

I’ve researched, asked questions, and know what it feels like to start something new. What I wish for you is that you’ll be able to dedicate yourself to this hobby — one that you can call your own as well.

I hope you can find something in this hobby/craft/art. And please don't be shy - ask me any questions you'd like! I'm happy to share my knowledge.

To finding hobbies!

<3 Sophia

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